PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack System – Yamaha® Applications



PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack System Yamaha® Srviper™/sidewinder™ Series Applications

Introducing the new PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack Systems from Up North Technologies. Engineered exclusively for Yamaha® SRViper™ and Sidewinder™ series applications, the new PRO SERIES cargo rack models provide an integrated design that offers superb functionality and unmatched appearance!



Fabricated from a single sheet of 1/8” aluminum plate, all PRO SERIES racks utilize a unique design and state-of-the-art CNC metal processing to achieve light weight, high strength, and a superb new look. The modular design of the rack provides for the addition of bolt-on accessory components, allowing the rack to be customized for a particular application.

The new PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack Systems are engineered for a perfect fit on compatible Yamaha® models!


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PRO SERIES modular cargo rack systems feature:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. CNC fabricated from 1/8” aluminum plate for high strength, light weight, and premium quality.
  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE POWDER COAT PAINT FINISH. Features a Yellow Chromate pre-treatment along with a textured black powder coat paint finish for long-lasting durability and superb appearance.
  • ELEVATED CARGO DECK. The unique design of the PRO SERIES racks support cargo bags above the heat exchanger and tunnel, protecting them from abrasion and heat. The open design of the cargo deck also allows snow to pass through, helping to keep cargo bags dry.
  • RIGID DESIGN. The design of the PRO SERIES product line provides for high strength while minimizing weight. Installation of the YV-129, YV-137-141, or AC-141 will add significant strength to the tunnel structure of all compatible Yamaha® SRViper™ and Sidewinder™ snowmobile models!
  • CUSTOM FIT. PRO SERIES models YV-129, YV137-141, and AC-141 have been specifically engineered for a perfectly integrated fit on the Yamaha® SRViper™ and Sidewinder™ series snowmobiles. They are designed to contour around the fuel tank and over the taillight housing, matching the stock lines and angles for a factoryquality fit and appearance. This feature also provides for maximum storage capability by utilizing all available exposed tunnel space.
  • MODULAR DESIGN. Each PRO SERIES rack model features multiple sets of pre-formed holes along each side and on the cargo deck surface. These mounting holes can be used to install additional bolt-on accessory components, allowing for future expansion and customization.

Additional information

Yamaha® Snowmobile Models:
  • All SRViper™/Sidewinder™ w/129” track (2014 – current)
  • All SRViper™/Sidewinder™ w/137” or 141” track (2014 – current)
  • SRViper™/Sidewinder™ w/153” track (2015 – current)


yamaha, pro series cargo rack system, snowmobile accessories


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