PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack System – LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit


This bracket kit is designed as a direct bolt-on accessory for all PRO SERIES rack systems that can be used for creating compatibility with the BRP/Ski-Doo LINQ™ quick-release cargo system. It features universal compatibility with all PRO SERIES cargo rack models.

Laser-cut from ¼” aluminum plate, the LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit is finished in a finely textured black powder coat. Enhance the performance of the PRO SERIES cargo rack and create your own custom storage system with the LAB-100 LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit!



Introducing the new Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit for the PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack System. Engineered exclusively for the PRO SERIES Modular Cargo Rack system, this bolt-on bracket kit provides the ability to add Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessory compatibility to all rack models.

Fabricated from 1/4” aluminum plate, the Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket is CNC laser cut for high quality and a precision fit. It is designed to quickly and easily attach to the pre-formed mounting holes in every PRO SERIES rack system as a simple bolt-on component. The unique design of this bracket provides for multiple placement options, allowing Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessories to be easily added to any PRO SERIES rack. The Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit is engineered for a perfect fit on every PRO SERIES rack model!

Universal LINQ™ Adapter Brackets (2) Shown Installed On Pro Series Model SD-137-XS

The Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. CNC fabricated from 1/4” aluminum plate for high strength, precise fit, and premium quality.
  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE POWDER COAT PAINT FINISH. Features a Yellow Chromate pre-treatment along with a textured black powder coat paint finish for long-lasting durability and superb appearance.
  • MODULAR DESIGN. The Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket features mounting holes that align perfectly with the pre-formed holes on the top surface of every PRO SERIES rack. This modular design provides for easy, bolt-on installation.
  • LINQ™ ACCESSORY COMPATIBLE. The Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit is compatible with all current Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessory products, including storage bags and fuel containers. Simply attach the LINQ™ receptacles (not included) to the bracket, bolt the bracket onto to any PRO SERIES rack, and install the LINQ™ accessories.
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS. The Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket can be attached to a PRO SERIES rack in multiple locations, providing the ability to optimize the functionality of the rack system for a particular application.

Additional information

  • Universal LINQ™ Adapter Bracket


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