Ski-Doo - LINQ™ Adapter System Fitment Matrix

Cross index and click the appropriate circle in the table below to
select the perfect LINQ™ Adapter System for your Ski-Doo snowmobile.
Dual-Position LINQ™ Adapter Model LMP-129Triple-Position LINQ™ Adapter Model X3 Trail
Ski-Doo G4/G5 MXZ Models With 129" Track and Stock Rear BumperLMP-129not compatible
Ski-Doo G4/G5 Renegade and MXZ Models with 137" Track and "Performance Trail", "Trail Narrow", or "Trail Wide" Seat
(N/A for 2023 and older 4-Stroke Models that feature the "Comfort" Seat)
not compatibleX3-Trail

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