Single-Position Stand-Alone LINQ™ Adapter Bracket System – Marine Applications

Add the convenience and quick-release functionality of the BRP/Ski-Doo® LINQ™ system to your boat with the LMP-1-U single-position adapter. This product is designed to provide universal application on everything from canoes to large cabin cruisers and everything in between. The LMP-1-U is laser-cut and fabricated from aluminum plate and custom extrusions for long-lasting quality and durability. It installs easily on many deck surfaces, and the finely-textured powder coat paint finish offers a superb appearance. Our single-position LINQ™ adapter is a fantastic addition to any boat!

Note: LINQ™ Accessory Products are Available from Authorized BRP/Ski-Doo® Retail Dealers.

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The LMP-1-U is precision fabricated from a laser-cut 1/4” aluminum plate and dual extruded aluminum tubes.

Its compact, stand-alone design provides multiple installation options on many recreational vehicles. The LMP-1-U provides full compatibility with the extensive selection of quick-release storage bags, coolers, and other BRP/Ski-Doo® linq™ accessory products!

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The LMP-1-U Stand-Alone linq™ Adapter Bracket Kit features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The LMP-1-U is fabricated from a laser-cut 1/4” aluminum plate and extruded aluminum tubing for high strength and light weight.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BLACK POWDER-COATED FINISH. All aluminum components on the LMP-1-U feature an industrial-quality, two-step surface finish process including Yellow Chromate pre-treatment and a finely textured black powder coat. This results in a durable, superb appearance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The LMP-1-U features a compact design that installs easily onto many recreational vehicles, including boats, ATV’s, and UTV’s. Many vehicles will have sufficient deck space to install multiple brackets to maximize storage capability and convenience. The bracket itself can be used as a template for marking the four mounting holes directly onto the deck surface, providing for very simple installation.
  • DIRECT linq™ ACCESSORY COMPATIBILITY. The LMP-1-U is directly compatible with all current BRP/Ski-Doo® linq™ accessory products, including storage bags, coolers, etc. Simply attach the linq™ receptacles (not included) to the bracket, install the bracket onto the desired location within the vehicle, and attach the desired linq™ accessories.
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS. The compact design of the LMP-1-U provides for maximum installation flexibility over a wide range of vehicle types.

Additional information

  • All boats with minimum available deck surface area of 17” X 12”


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