PRO SERIES Helmet Hang’r™

Precision-fabricated from lightweight aluminum, the HELMET HANG’R™ features a unique design that is compatible with standard 7/8” handlebars found on many powersports vehicles. Requiring only ½” of bar space for installation, the HELMET HANG’R™ features an anodized black finish for a superb appearance.

It is a premium quality component that provides you with a safe, convenient means of temporary helmet storage.



Introducing the new HELMET HANG’R™ from Up North Technologies. A safe, convenient, handlebar-mounted storage device for your helmet. The HELMET HANG’R™ provides a safe, convenient means of temporarily storing your helmet when taking a break on the trail or visiting your favorite pitstop.

It features a uniquely designed swingarm that rotates down and out of the way when not in use, and easily rotates into a vertical position whenever you need it.

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The HELMET HANG’R™ features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The HELMET HANG’R™ is precision-machined from aluminum for lightweight and high quality. It also features stainless steel fasteners for unmatched corrosion resistance.
  • PRE-TENSIONED SWINGARM PIVOT. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a pre-tensioned pivot joint for the swingarm that provides for smooth rotation and infinite positioning.
  • BLACK ANODIZED FINISH. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a black anodized finish that provides for a superb appearance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The HELMET HANG’R™ is compatible with all 7/8” handlebars found on many powersports vehicles. It installs easily in minutes with two stainless steel fasteners.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE HANDLEBAR SHAPES. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a swivel bracket that allows the orientation of the swingarm to be optimized regardless of the handlebar shape or angle.
  • OPTIMIZED SWINGARM RADIUS. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a swingarm end radius that has been optimized to closely match the inside of your helmet. This provides a stable, low-stress contact point for the helmet. In addition, a radius has been formed around the entire perimeter of the part to provide a smooth surface for helmet contact.
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS. The HELMET HANG’R™ requires only ½” of exposed handlebar space for installation.

Additional information

  • Snowmobile and ATV models with 7/8” handlebars HH-1


helmet hanger, helmet storage device,snowmobile accessories, handlebar mounted


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