Single-Position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Systems – Arctic Cat®, Polaris®, And Yamaha® Applications

Add the convenience and quick-release functionality of the BRP/Ski-Doo® LINQ™ system to your Arctic Cat, Polaris or Yamaha snowmobile! We offer several models of single-position adapters that allow you to install a single LINQ™ accessory to your sled. These products are custom-engineered for a perfect fit on many compatible snowmobile models, and are laser-cut and fabricated from aluminum plate and custom extrusions for long-lasting quality and durability. Our single-position LINQ™ adapters are a fantastic addition to any sled!

NOTE: Certain snowmobile models may require the removal of the stock storage bag (if applicable) for compatibility with the single-position LINQ™ adapter bracket. Contact Up North Technologies for additional details.



Introducing the next generation LMP-1 Stand-Alone LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit. The new LMP-1 is engineered to provide direct Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessory compatibility on many current Arctic Cat®, Yamaha®, and Polaris® snowmobiles.

The new third-generation LMP-1 Stand-Alone LINQ™ Adapter Bracket features CNC laser-cut and welded monocoque aluminum construction. The welded monocoque design provides for high strength, lightweight, and a precision fit. Its compact design offers direct compatibility with many Polaris®, Arctic Cat®, and Yamaha® snowmobile models!

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The LMP-1 Stand-Alone LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The LMP-1 is fabricated from CNC laser-cut and formed aluminum components that are welded into a monocoque structure that provides for lightweight, high-strength, and a precision fit.
  • BLACK POWDER-COATED FINISH. The LMP-1 features a finely-textured black powdercoat paint finish that provides for a durable, superb appearance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The LMP-1 features mounting slots that will align perfectly with the “T” slots on many Polaris® models for quick, no-drill installation. For many Arctic Cat® and Yamaha® models, the mounting slots can be traced directly onto the tunnel surface where ¼” holes can be drilled. All fasteners required for installation are included.
  • DIRECT LINQ™ ACCESSORY COMPATIBILITY. The LMP-1 is directly compatible with all current Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessory products, including storage bags and fuel containers. Simply attach the LINQ™ receptacles (not included) to the bracket, install the bracket onto to a compatible snowmobile model, and attach the desired LINQ™ accessories.
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS. The compact design of the LMP-1 provides for maximum installation flexibility over a wide range of snowmobile brands and models.

Additional information

Snowmobile Models:
  • Yamaha® SRViper/Sidewinder/Arctic Cat models with 128” track or longer (2013 – current) LMP-1
  • Polaris® models with “T” slot tunnel (2011 – current) LMP-1-T


Add the convenience of the Ski-Doo® LINQ™ accessory system to your snowmobile with the LMP-1 Stand-Alone LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit!

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