Dual-Position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Systems – Ski-Doo 129” Applications

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Convert the stock single-position LINQ™ compatibility of the Ski-Doo REV XS or G4 platform 129” sleds to dual-position performance! Designed exclusively for the 129” models, these adapter systems are fabricated from laser-cut aluminum plate. They are incredibly strong and install easily onto compatible snowmobile models. Finished in a finely textured powder coat finish, they look fantastic and seamlessly integrate into the overall appearance of the XS and G4 platforms!

NOTE: The LMP-129/LMP-129-XS/LMP-129-XSP dual-position linq adapter brackets are designed to be compatible with the REV G4 and REV XS stock rear bumper only. Compatibility with Ski-Doo accessory rear bumpers or aftermarket rear bumpers is not intended or guaranteed. Please contact Up North Technologies, inc. for additional details regarding compatibility with non-stock rear bumpers.



Introducing the new LMP-129 Dual-Position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit. Add dual-position LINQ™ accessory compatibility to Ski-Doo® REV™ G4™ 129” sleds!

Fabricated from 1/4” aluminum plate and custom extrusions, the new LMP-129 dual-position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket kit has been specifically designed to provide Ski-Doo® REV™ G4™ 129” sleds with the ability to accommodate two single LINQ™ accessories or one dual-position accessory!

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The LMP-129 Dual-Position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Kit features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The LMP-129 is fabricated from CNC laser-cut ¼” aluminum plate and thick-wall aluminum extrusions for high strength, precise fit, and premium quality.
  • INDUSTRIAL-QUALITY BLACK POWDER COAT PAINT FINISH. All of the aluminum components used in the assembly of the LMP-129 are Yellow Chromate plated and finished with a textured black powder coat that provides for a highly-durable, exceptional appearance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The LMP-129 features mounting holes that align with the pre-drilled holes in the tunnel of compatible Ski-Doo® REV™ G4™ snowmobiles for easy installation.
  • SINGLE AND DUAL-POSITION LINQ™ ACCESSORY COMPATIBILITY. The LMP-129 has been designed to provide compatibility with all single and dual-position LINQ™ accessory products. This provides for multiple storage options on the G4™ 129” snowmobiles, including dual-position storage bags. Simply attach the LINQ™ receptacles (not included) to the bracket, install the bracket onto to a compatible Ski-Doo® REV™ G4™ 129” snowmobile model, and install the desired LINQ™ accessories.

Additional information

Snowmobile Models:
  • Ski-Doo REV G4 129" models (2017 – current) LMP-129
  • Ski-Doo REV XS 129" models w/o plastic tunnel cover (2013 – current) LMP-129-XS
  • Ski-Doo REV XS 129" models w/plastic tunnel cover (2013 – current) LMP-129-XSP


snowmobile accessories, ski-doo, dual position linq, adapter bracket

3 reviews for Dual-Position LINQ™ Adapter Bracket Systems – Ski-Doo 129” Applications

  1. Jersey Jim

    Absolutely perfect! As advertised/ easy install/ perfect compatibility/2 seasons touring Canada with all capacity of the 137 on a 129! 7500 miles in two seasons- no issues! Great buy!

  2. Todd Kuli

    Perfect fit, perfect finish, perfect performance! This is a high quality piece that rivals anything I’ve every seen. Great customer service which seems to be harder and harder to find in these times. I’ve had a lot of people look at my 129 scratching their head at how I had two Linq spots. This a company that I will give a glowing review to other about. Thanks Ken and your whole team!

  3. Steve Brand (verified owner)

    Hi Ken and team. Yet another great product just received for my new 2021 Doo 129. So far it’s been 7 years and 40+ miles on my Pol/Yamacats with your products LinQ’d up to the best of the bunch – BRP luggage. Cheers steve@tekrider.com

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