A safe, convenient, handlebar-mounted storage device for your helmet.

The HELMET HANG’R™ provides a safe, convenient means of temporarily storing your helmet when taking a break on the trail or visiting your favorite pitstop. It features a uniquely designed swingarm that rotates down and out of the way when not in use, and easily rotates into a vertical position whenever you need it.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. The HELMET HANG’R™ is precision-machined from aluminum for lightweight and high quality. It also features stainless steel fasteners for unmatched corrosion resistance.
  • PRE-TENSIONED SWINGARM PIVOT. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a pre-tensioned pivot joint for the swingarm that provides for smooth rotation and infinite positioning.
  • BLACK ANODIZED FINISH. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a black anodized finish that provides for a superb appearance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. The HELMET HANG’R™ is compatible with all 7/8” handlebars found on many powersports vehicles. It installs easily in minutes with two stainless steel fasteners.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE HANDLEBAR SHAPES. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a swivel bracket that allows the orientation of the swingarm to be optimized regardless of the handlebar shape or angle.
  • OPTIMIZED SWINGARM RADIUS. The HELMET HANG’R™ features a swingarm end radius that has been optimized to closely match the inside of your helmet. This provides a stable, low-stress contact point for the helmet. In addition, a radius has been formed around the entire perimeter of the part to provide a smooth surface for helmet contact.
  • MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS. The HELMET HANG’R™ requires only ½” of exposed handlebar space for installation.


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snowmobile accessories, helmet hanger, helmet storage device, handlebar mounted
snowmobile accessories, handlebar mounted, helmet storage device, helmet hanger

Precision-fabricated from lightweight aluminum, the HELMET HANG'R™ features a unique design that is compatible with standard 7/8" handlebars found on many powersports vehicles. Requiring only ½" of bar space for installation, the HELMET HANG’R™ features an anodized black finish for a superb appearance. It is a premium quality component that provides you with a safe, convenient means of temporary helmet storage.

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4 reviews for HELMET HANG’R™

  1. Michael Polashek

    This thing looks awesome

  2. Joe Garland

    Quality holder

  3. Roman

    Received mine last year right at the end of the season and wasn’t able to test it other than in my garage 😉
    Works AMAZING and removes the ‘where can I place my helmet’ question on breaks on the trails.
    Quality through and through and a great investment to keep an expensive piece of equipment safe!

  4. Mike Simplot

    This is the best way I have ever found to store your helmet safely while riding. It helps keep your visor from getting scratched as well. I have two and am going to order two more. Excellent product and quality built.

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